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Wooden frame modular home projects


COMPACT system

Our own design, which combines all the best features necessary for quality and delightful living

BOX system

Traditional, well-known box-shaped modular homes designed with efficiency and comfort in mind

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Individual projects

Come with your idea and we will solve it in modules, size doesn't matter!


Someone wants a proper bather's treatment

and someone just wants to warm up

but someone else - just enjoy!

Choose one of our design saunas

and enjoy quality and pleasant time in it!

Nojume_auto_skunis_5 ar logo-min_edited.jpg

DIY Pergolas

A pergola that you can assemble yourself!

- create a rest area;

- cover the terrace;

- protect your car;

- build a storage;

- set up a greenhouse.


Check out our modular home journey:

completed works and production processes.

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